VFX Arnold Tools Is a Bundle of Shaders & Light Filters

Bundle of Shaders & Light Filters for Arnold Renderer

Longtime VFXr’s Jason Mertens and Julien Silvestre started a new independent software development company, OctoPlug. The company focuses on procedural tools and rendering for Maya and Arnold so much so that they have a partnership with soup-dev.com. A new release is a bundle of shaders and light filters for Arnold Renderer, called VFX Arnold Tools.

FX Arnold Tools consists of an RBF Shader, light filters like a color ramp and color RBF, some noise shaders and a color shader for iridescence. The RBF shaders are based on the radial basis function. You can use those nodes to drive and interpolate various attributes like shading information based on different input locations.

The color light filters offer advanced color control for lights for some interesting effects.

The VFX toolset offers a wide range of noises for shading, including Fbm, Ridged, Simplex, Simplex Flow, Worley, Flakes and finally, Spot.

The suite of shaders and light filters costs around 35$. Learn more about VFX Arnold Tools here.