Bake High Poly Textures to Low Poly Objects in 3DC

Anton Tenitsky shows a unique method for non-destructive baking in 3D Coat.

3D Coat handles all kinds of workflow from UVs to painting and o course sculpting. There are also a few workflows that come along with texturing, such as baking textures on to objects. Check out this new tutorial from Anton Tenitsky that shows a unique method to bake high poly textures on to low poly objects using 3D Coat.

Anton’s demonstration is a great way to work for look development and also object texturing workflows too. The technique is a way that you can bake down to a low polygon object while still having all the layers in the texture. Anton is covering a few ways to bake within a texturing workflow in 3DC, one of his last tutorials showed how to use baking to create custom brushes for sculpting.