Check Out These “Unofficial Updates” for Maya

Morteza Ahmadi Shows Off His “Unofficial Updates” improving some parts of Maya.

The Maya team puts a lot of blood sweat and tears into making the 3D app as good as it can be. Still, some things get thrown on the back burner in the name of priorities. Recently 3D artist and tools creator Morteza Ahmadi set to work on making some improvements in Maya to the workflows that he felt needed some love. Indeed, there are ways that Maya can improve to make things a little easier for users, and that was Ahmadi’s goal with this “unofficial updates.”

“I started this project a while back when I saw that so many people are unhappy with recent updates of Maya, these are only a few of the updates, my goal was to look at every part of Maya and see how I can improve it,” Ahmadi says. /check out some of the work that Ahmadi put into his workflow improvements in the video showing off some of the features and tools.

Ahmadi checked the comments of many new features videos to see what Maya users found exciting and tried to add similar features for Maya to come up with his to-do list.

If you have any suggestions to areas you see need improvements in the 3D app, Ahmadi wants to hear from you. “Tell me what improvement you want to see in Maya, I am working with Maya for a very long time and I got used to the software as it is and can’t see what new users find frustrating when they start working with Maya.” feel free to send me an email: or fill this survey.