Free Motion Graphics Tool FUgraph Updates for Fusion

Fifty50’s motion graphics panel for Fusion gets some updates for the latest versions of Fusion and Resolve.

There are not too many choices out there if you are a motion graphics artist. The majority of folks tend to use After Effects, but a select few have abandoned Ae for something else; the greener pastures of realtime apps like Unity/Unreal, or the free and open-source Blender, or are laying their hopes on Cavalry to come to the rescue. When talking of alternatives to Ae, you can’t overlook the Fusion and Resolve combination. Fusion has a set of tools specifically for creating motion graphics in Fusion, Krokodove. There is also a free tool from Fifty50 called FUgraph.

FUgraph is a set of tools that offer an easy motion graphics panel along with some other features for Fusion and Resolve. Recently FUgraph saw an update for the latest versions of Resolve and Fusion with some fixes. The mograph tools offer some quick setups for conventional motion graphics rigs and workflows that include text and animation. Download FUgraph here.