How to Rig a Universal Joint in C4D Using Constraints

Learn how to rig a universal joint using Cinema 4D’s vector constraints.

One way to learn how to rig is by rigging mechanical systems. It offers a lot of opportunities to learn about relational systems and problem solving too. Some mechanical rigging can get quite complicated, using expressions and other scripting languages to complete. Others, while looking complex, can be quite simple thanks to things like constraints. Check out this tutorial from C4D Jed who shows how to make a seemingly complex linkage system such as a universal joint, using Cinema 4D’s Vector Constraints.

Jed worked as an electrical engineer and a physicist, so when someone asked about how to put a universal joint linkage together, he made a short tutorial on the setup: “A member at C4D Cafe requested this video about how to use up vector constraints to make a joint.” Not surprisingly, the techniques are rather similar across applications, take, for instance, creating a rotating universal joint coupling in Maya.