How to Use MOPs to Transition Between Redshift Materials

Five31 shows how to use MOPs to create a transition between Redshift materials in Side FX Houdini.

A lot of users who feel like they have outgrown Cinema 4D have moved on to or started using SideFX Houdini more in their workflows. It’s no wonder as Houdini is a modular node-base powerhouse with minimal barrier to entry. It’s likely why there are lots of tutorials out there that show how to Cinema 4D-like things on a Houdini scale – Like this new tutorial from Liam Clisham (Five31). Liam shows how to do a classic C4D Effect inside of Houdini using Redshift and MOPs.

MOPs are a set of motion graphics nodes for designers. The mograph toolset, which is still in alpha is a set of assets for Houdini that helps motion artists create what has become industry standard types of setups. MOPs are easy to use with a focus on performance, letting users get up and running quickly with motion graphics scenes in Houdini. Liam shows how to harness some MOPs setups to transition and displace between two Redshift materials, just like a lot of people do in Cinema 4D.