XgToolkit May Offer an Updated Groom UI for xGen

XgToolKit looks to bring an updated groom UI and workflow for Maya’s Xgen tools.

Xgen is a Haigh-capacity instancing engine for Autodesk Maya, letting users work with scattering and grooming tools. Whether you need to create a landscape of rocks and trees, a furry character or hairstyles, Xgen is a versatile and production-driven toolset. However, for grooming, it’s not such an intuitive workflow. Jesus Fernandez and Jacques Fautrad are trying to fix that with a new tool that offers an updated users interface and workflow for Xgen, called XgToolkit.

“This is the combined effort of the almighty Sci and mine to bring you up an updated groom UI for Xgen,” Fernandez says. “We have been working this idea for a while, and just now we can implement this concept. Still at super early stages but we are super excited to be able to bring this to you all.”

The XgToolkit project is still in early stages, check out the features so far along with the development board on Trello here.

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