Check Out This Guide Covering Octane for Houdini Basics

Rohan Dalvi shares a basic introduction for working with Octane for Houdini.

In a recent live stream, Houdini trainer Rohan Dalvi shared a look into the basics for Octane for Houdini. Octane is a GPU renderer popularized by a lot of Maxon Cinema 4D users for its ease of use, and its quality and speed. Since then you can also get Octane for other packages such as SideFX Houdini. If you’ve never used Octane, have a look at this introduction to Octane for Houdini for absolute beginners.

The live stream starts by covering what the differences are between Octane, Redshift, and Arnold, and which is best for the which workflows. Octane has undergone a lot of work to make it more viable in a production setting, with Rohan covering some of those features in his live stream replay.