Learn the Basics for Rigging a Hand in Maya

antCGi shows how to rig a hand and incorporate it into a character rig.

If you are looking to get into character rigging, there is an excellent series that covers the basics from veteran AntCGI. The latest in the series shows the basics for rigging a hand in Autodesk Maya and incorporating the hand rig back into the character rig.

“We have now started to build our basic rig. It has two limbs both with IK and FK functionality and the ability to blend between the two states,” AntCGI notes. “If you want to see how these were built then please check out the previous video in this series.” Previous videos in the series shared a look into creating the IK/FK limbs, Joint fundamentals, rigging eyes, and how to place controls. Check out the list to see if you missed any.

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