How to Assign Exact Colors Across Clones

Lonnie Busch shows how to assign exact colors across clones in Cinema 4D, transforming chocolate into candy.

A new tutorial from Xpresso master Lonnie Busch shows how you can transform chocolate chunks into candy pieces in Cinema 4D and then stamping a logo on them. The tutorial explains how it’s possible to assign exact colors to clones while making use of both the Cloner Blend and Sort Mode in C4D.

That’s not all Busch explains: “We give our chocolate confections a bright candy coating.” Busch uses the C4D Shader Effector, and the Multi-Shader to assign specific colors to each candy piece coming down the conveyor. Finally, each candy piece receives a C4D logo. “Lots of fun stuff in this tutorial and I think you will learn some exciting things about coloring clones and using the Cloner Blend Mode!”