Some Quick Tips for Connecting Nodes in Stardust

Gui Esp shows some quick ways for connecting nodes when you use Stardust.

Node-based workflows have a lot of advantages. Still, if you are connecting and disconnecting nodes, using shortcuts can help you do things quicker. When working with Stardust for Adobe After Effects, there are some shortcuts that you can use to help things along.

Brazillian Motion Designer and Instructor Guilherme Machado runs through some of the shortcuts, showing some essential ways to connect and disconnect nodes in various situations. The quick tip tutorial covers:

  • Create and Group Nodes: Right Click
  • Detach Node: Hold ALT and drag away the Node between two linked nodes
  • AutoConnect: drag a new node between two linked nodes.
  • MultiConnect: click a connector, hold shift and use the green link line co connect any nodes you want

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