PolyravenUV Makes Unwrapping in Maya a Breeze

Szilárd Szlákó’s PolyravenUV script for Maya unwraps and lays out UVs in a snap.

Not a lot of folks love to create and layout UVs. It’s likely why there are so many takes on UV tools out there from third-party developers. No matter how advanced UV tools get, people might see them as still incredibly lacking. A new script form Szilárd Szlákó has an interesting take for unwrapping and laying out UVs in Maya. PolyravenUV makes it simple.

“This is a script I’ve been working on for a long time, and it saved me a lot of time and hair, so I thought somebody else might find it useful as well,” Szlákó says. The script certainly makes it faster to distribute UV shells along with offering an easy way to unwrap hard-surface models. The script includes checker materials and error checking functions, which can relatively quickly find: flipped, overlapping, incorrectly positioned, and missing UVs. And many more things.

Learn more about PolyravenUV for Maya here.