Check Out U-Render’s Real-time Volumetric Shading in C4D

U-Render adds real-time volumetric shading in C4D, and it looks impressive.

It seems that more and more things are shifting to real-time these days. Maxon has added updates the Cinema 4D viewport bringing it to more modern standards. Others have taken up that fight — notably Uppercut’s U-Render. Formerly known as Tachyon Render, the Viewport rendering tool offers physically plausible rendering, lights, materials, and multipass rendering all within a real-time view in the C4D Viewport. Check out the latest new feature in U-Render, Real-time Volumetric Shading.

The tutorial shows how to get started with U-RENDER’s real-time volumetric rendering, covering volume objects, nodes lights, and shadows. U-Render lets you quickly add fog, haze, and participating media to your scene and render them at real-time speeds. Redefine how to look development works with instant render results.

You can learn more about the U-Render public beta and sign up for it here.