Check Out Hair Strips Creator for Maya

Hair Strips Creator is an artist-friendly hair creation tool for Maya.

There are more than a few ways to create polygon hair cards for your character. If it seems like a tedious task, there are also lots of tools to help you with that workflow. Now there is another tool that offers an easy and artist-friendly approach to creating hair strips for creating real-time character hair assets. Hair StripsCreator, a tool for Maya by Abhishek Karmakar, assists in creating polygon cards quickly.

The Maya Plugin offers procedural controls for creating poly strips and tweaking them globally or locally too. You can convert any set of Maya curves to the procedural hair cards instantly. The system will automatically orient the strips based on the original surface’s normals.

Key Features include –

  • Fast & Super easy to use, making it non-technical & artist-friendly,
  • 100% Procedural controls globally & locally for creating & tweaking the poly strips.
  • Convert any set of Maya curves to procedural Poly HairStrip Cards instantly.
  • Automatically Aligns/orients the HairStrip Cards based on the Scalp surface normals.
  • Control a variety of poly strip attributes Globally OR Locally.
  • Controls include – Base,Tip Width, Length(along curve), XYsegments, bend, twist, orient offset, adaptive Width & adaptive XYsegments.
  • Adaptive Width-Ratio procedurally sets the width per strip based on relative strip-lengths without the need to painting any weight maps.
  • Adaptive XYsegments procedurally reduces/optimizes polycount/segments per strip, based on relative strip-lengths&widths.

Works for Maya 2015 and onwards (All Platforms: Windows, Mac & Linux)

Get HairStrips Creator v1.0 for Maya here.