How to Create Animated Grain on a Single Ae Layer

TipTuts shows how you can quickly get animated grain in Ae using roughen edges.

The animated grain is a fashionable look in motion graphics. Oddly there are no dedicated tools in After Effects to create grain in motion. You don’t have to go far to find a literal ton of tutorials out there that show all kinds of ways that you can achieve the look. A new tutorial from TipTuts’TipTuts’ Matthew Fryer has a look at creating moving grain on a single layer in After Effects.

The tutorial shows how to use the Roughen Edges effect in Ae to get a quick but nice looking grain effect that you can animate any speed that you want. We’veWe’ve seen this technique before through a tutorial by Ben Marriot, which stepped through the process. Dancing Dissolve also works.

Evan Abrams also had a look and tweaked grains to include a gradient look.