Say Goodbye to the Pasted Prefix With This Maya Script

CGElementary’s new and free Maya Paste Option script lets you bypass the Pasted prefix.

You may be slightly annoyed that Maya adds a prefix to object names when you copy and paste them. Maya likes unique names and goes through great lengths to ensure that everything in a working document has a unique identifier and title at certain levels. I rarely copy/paste objects in Maya, likely due to the prefix that Maya adds in the process. If you are the copy/paste type, however, you can use a new script from Morteza Ahmadi (CGElementary) allows you to forgo the name addition.

The Maya Paste Option Script removes the prefix while also allowing you to place pasted contents in a group node automatically. The script is a part of Ahmadi’s “Unofficial Updates for Maya.” That is to say that if you subscribe to that package, you already get this new script. Check out Maya Paste Option here.