Create a Looping Smiley Animation in After Effects

Move Shapes shows how to create a 3D looking smiley animation in Ae using shape layers.

With a little time and patience, there are a ton of things you can do by merely moving points around. We’ve seen time and time again, seemingly complex 3D shapes come to life with just moving vector shapes around in After Effects. Here is how to create a looping smiley animation.

Fake 3D Looping SMiley Animation.

A new run-through from Move Shapes shows how you can create a looping smiley animation using vectors, while still making it look as if it were 3D. Smiley-spheres appear to split in half and reveal other smiley spheres underneath. The significant part about looping animations is that they are compartmentalized where you can reuse parts as you go.

About Move Shapes.

Peter Arumugam (Move Shapes) is a Motion graphic designer & Animator. He started his career began in the IT field. Still, his passion for creativity didn’t stop him from learning animation on his own time. Arumugam has 8 years of experience as a motion graphic designer and shares knowledge from his long journey in the creative field.