New UVToolkit Aims to Make UV Workflow Easier in C4D

Flavio Diniz’s new FD UVToolkit unwraps objects in three simple steps.

Many 3D users don’t mind tasks like weighting or UVing. Many do, however. Creating UV’s and unwrapping 3D models into 2D projections is an essential part of the 3D workflow. Yet, many Cinema 4D Artists feel that Cinema 4D lacks the UVToolkit needed to enjoy that type of work.

A New Approach With FD UVToolkit

A few artists and developers take a stab at creating new UV tools that can help develop shells quickly. A new one from Flavio Diniz takes a three-step approach. First, select the object and reset its UVs. Then select the edges where you want the seams. Finally, click Unwrap UV with LSCM. The Least squares conformal map method is a 2D representation of a 3D shape while preserving angles but not necessarily lengths. It offers a great way to unwrap elements.

Get FD UVToolkit

The toolkit comes as a plugin for Cinema 4D R19, R20, and R21, costing $30.00. Check out this page for more information.