RaplidPlace Lets You Quickly Place Objects on Surfaces

A new Maya script lets you add objects to any surface quickly by drag and drop.

Joe Wu’s RapidPlace tool for Autodesk Maya allows users to place objects from a library directly on to the surface of models.

Easily Placing Objects

The script makes it easy to snap-place assets onto any polygon mesh. Once called RapidScrew, the tool lets you place screws on surfaces, something that is a time-consuming task by hand. A new version sees a name change for the script, and the ability to add your elements into the library.

RapidPlace 1.4

Other new features for version 1.4 are the ability to set a library path, a new decal type mesh, decal projection to snap decal to target mesh, and drag rePosition allow fast drag-drop to a new position. There is also an easy and straightforward export to add your shape with one click. The best part? RapidPlace is under a “name your own price” platform.

Get RapidPlace for Maya

Check out the page for RapidPlace Maya for more information and download.

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