ReParent Transfers Animation From Control to Locator

Dmitrii Kolpakov’s new Maya script lets you transfer animation from control to locator to polish animations.

Some tools that make everyday work more accessible come from concepts that you can practically employ in any software package. One such example is ReParent, an animator’s tool from Dmitrii Kolpakov.

ReParent Transfers Animation from Control to Locator.

While DCC’s like Maya have parent and parent constraints, you might run into situations where it’s challenging to edit animations when controls depend on each other. For example, let’s say you object two is parented to object one, and you want to edit object one’s animation without destroying object two’s animation. This is where ReParent can help.

ReParent can help when converting a walk cycle animation from a treadmill style to one that moves across the scene. The script can also help change the rotation order for controls that already have animation. The tool works with multiple controls, can fix orientations for FK systems.

 While you can use the concept in any app, ReParent is a Maya script that comes in a free lite version and a more robust pro versions that has more features.

Get Reparent for Maya.

Get the lite version of the Maya script here. Alternatively, you can get the pro version for 15$ that includes an IK mode for FK controls, and relativeToTheLast mode and more).