This Script Builds Fibonacci Squares in After Effects

NT Productions shows how to create a script that builds a spiraling placement of Fibonacci Squares in After Effects.

Scripting always seems like one of those things that either you are all-in or dabble. If you are one of those dabblers, you might find it difficult to find real-world applications for scripting in After Effects. With his latest tutorial, NT Production’s Nathan Lovell walks us through some real-world examples that he’s worked on. “This will give you an idea of what kind of work you can look for when scripting.”

Instant Fibonacci Squares

Lovell also shows how to create a script that creates arranged Squares using the Fibonacci sequence of numbers in Adobe After Effects. The script will use Fibonacci numbers to place and size squares in a spiral and adds a unique color for each of them.

Get the Fibonacci Script

Lovell makes the script available for download, too. Check it out on his GitHub here.