Walking Bend Lets You Easily Change the Path of Animations

Pavel Barnev’s Walking Bend Tool for Maya lets you direct walk cycle animations with sliding feet.

As an animator, you’ve likely created walk cycle animations and then moved the character around a scene. The problem with this workflow is that there is a high propensity for sliding feet. There are tools out there for Maya that can help, such as tools that you easily retarget animations to any path. A new tool from animator Pavel Barnev, Walking Bend, lets you move any walk cycle animation along a path without the annoying sliding feet.

Walking Bend Tool for Maya.

Walking Bend Tool for Maya helps with solving the problem of sliding feet. Moreover, it works with a single animation loop, and with any predefined sequence of animations. The script will also help in editing mocap animations – if you need to bend or scale mocap animations without leg slipping.

Walking Bend works with biped and quadruped characters equally well. In fact, it can also hand any number of legs like eight-legged and up, even bending their bodies.

The script comes with tools for recalculating animation to the primary rig control as well as tools for more convenient ways to work with curves in Maya.

Get the Maya Script.

Walking Bend costs $60 and is available through Pavel’s page here.

What’s Included

  • tool script
  • detailed tool guide (in two languages)
  • free rig with walk animation (to try it right away)


Works with Maya 2016 to 2020 and has seen testing on rigs such as

  • HIK (Maya Human IK)
  • Advanced Skeleton
  • Bazutkin rig
  • and others…