An Easy Way to Make a CMYK Halftone in Ae

Ben Marriott shows how you can create a CMYK halftone effect, as you see in print, only in After Effects.

We’ve seen a few solutions for a halftone effect using After Effects. Some are simple, while others get a little more involved. A new tutorial from motion designer Ben Marriott shows a novel approach that you might not have considered.

CMYK Halftone Effect.

The effect is set up to mimic a color halftone look that we are familiar with seeing in print. Marriott runs through an example scene and shows how to set up in preparation for the halftoning.

Using Photoshop for Every Frame.

It might at first sound a little crazy, but Ben shows how you can use Adobe Photoshop to affect each frame of the animation. The technique shows how you can create a photoshop action used on every single frame. The tutorial also covers how you can automate processing each frame using the same PS action each time. What a great idea. A couple of paper textures will add to the printed feel.

About Ben Marriott.

Ben Marriott is a freelance motion designer, illustrator, chihuahua owner, and polite person based in Sydney. Marriott has worked on projects for the likes of Buck, Google, Emirates, Converse, Dropbox, Twitter, Coca-Cola, KFC & Redbull.