Check Out This Free and Better Edge to Spline Plugin for C4D

Athanasios Pozantzis offers a free plugin for C4D that creates splines from selected edges procedurally.

Cinema 4D has a way to create splines from selections; however, it’s not “live” or destructive. That is why Athanasios Pozantzis (also known as the Noseman) created a new plugin for a better way to create splines from edges.

Keeping it Live and Procedural.

Pozantzis’ spline generation plugin works on an edge selection and remains “live,” so it’s ultimately much more useful than the embedded C4D command. One of the best things is that the plugin is free and open source.

To install the plugin, download and Unzip the “” archive, and the resulting “edgeToSpline” Folder, copy it into the Plugins folder of Cinema 4D in the application Root Folder. 

Get the Plugin here.