Make Realistic Glass Shaders in Arnold and Maya

Arvid Schneider shows how to make glass shaders in Substance Painter, Arnold, and Maya.

Rendering glass objects is always tricky to set up because of the refraction and render settings. There are still lots of little tricks you can use to create the best realistic glass shaders, and depending on your render engine, that may vary. This new tutorial from Arvid Schneider shows how you can create realistic glass shaders using Substance Painter, Arnold, and Autodesk Maya.

Realistic Glass and Shader Settings.

Arvids tutorial covers how to make believable glass and transparent surfaces using Substance Painter and Arnold with Maya. The tutorial starts by importing a model, then generating the mesh maps, and then begin texturing the glass asset.

About Arvid Schneider.

Arvid Schneider is a Senior Lighting TD And Look-Dev Artist at Industrial Light and Magic, with more than eight years of commercial and visual effects experience. You can help to support Arvid in creating more tutorials like this one by becoming a Patron.