How to Create a Tornado With C4D, Maya, and Ae

RenderBurger shows how you can create a stylized tornado using C4D, Maya, and others.

While many 3D apps will have what you need to get things done, there is sometimes a benefit in jumping around a bit. In his latest tutorial RenderBurger’s (Farid Ghanbari) shows how you can make a tornado using C4D, Autodesk Maya, and Adobe After Effects.

Use the Best Parts for a Stylized Tornado.

Ghanbari starts by using Cinema 4D to make an animated deforming shape that will act as the foundation of the tornado effect. Exporting the object as an Alembic file, then importing that into Autodesk Maya, Ghanbari uses fluids and Maya’s dynamics tools to add details. Finally, After Effects handles all the compositing bits.

The tutorial takes something that looks difficult and breaks it down into something so simple.