An Easy Guide for Setting ACES Colorspaces in 3D, 2D

Guillaume Amauger covers what ACES is, and how to set up colorspaces in DCC’s.

Colorspace is essential, no matter what tools you use for output. Whether you are working in Max, Maya, Blender, After Effects, or Photoshop, maintaining color workflow is relevant, especially in a pipeline. Now that most DCC’s have jumped on board with ACES, this handy guide from Guillaume Amauger covers how to set it up.

ACES and How it Works. 

Amauger starts by explaining how ACES works, and how to set up ACES colorspaces within Maya, Max, Nuke, Blender, After Effects, Mari, Photoshop, Substance, and Quixel. Amauger also covers some other resources for working with ACES. 

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