Best Practices for Building Hands for Animation

Dikko shows how you can model hands considering articulation and animation.

Richard Shilling (aka Dikko!) adds to his new tutorial series covering some best practices for building characters with animation in mind. The new tutorial shows building hands with articulation in mind.

Modeling for Animation, Hands.

Everyone has their little tricks when it comes to modeling, and modeling for animation. I don’t think there is one clear answer to anything. Yet some foundational things ring true for all. “In this video we construct the hands by considering the form and articulation of the fingers, thumb and palm,” Shilling says. “We give it a bit of a test whirl with the rigify metarig then, We then re-attach the hand to the body and have some fun with mixamo!”

About Richard Shilling.

Richard “Dikko!” Shilling is an independent artist and 3D generalist based in Melbourne, Australia.