How to Export from World Creator to Cinema 4D & Octane Render

Rhett Dashwood shows how to export World Creator maps into C4D and Octane.

World Creator is a terrain creation tool that allows artists to create amazingly detailed landscapes in real-time. It’s excellent as a complement to other apps such as Cinema 4D and others. Check out this new tutorial from Rhett Dashwood that shows how you can best export World Creator files into C4D and maps to use with Octane Renderer.

Export World Creator Maps Into C4D and Octane.

As with every round-trip workflow between 3D apps, there are a few caveats and tricks to know. In this tutorial, Dashwood shows his method to get all the maps you need to recreate the terrains and landscapes and rebuild the shaders in Octane render in Cinema 4D.

About Rhett Dashwood.

Rhett Dashwood is an award-winning Creative Director with experience in a broad range of creative media, including digital, animation, branding, print, film making and concept art. Rhett has worked with the following studios and agencies during his 15+ years in the industry: Emery / Frost, TribalAKQAExit FilmsDDB, and many more.