How to Use Bifrost Strands With MPM Fiber Simulations

Phil Radford shows how you can mix Bifrost Strands and MPM fiber sims to create complex effects.

The Maya Guy (Phil Radford) runs through a setup that uses Bifrost Strands in MPM fiber simulations using the Maya Bifrost Graph. Maya’s MPM Solver uses a Material Point Method that can simulate the physical behaviors of solids, liquids, and gasses, and in this case, fibers.

Use Bifrost Strands for Fiber Simulations.

Radford spent a lot of time trying to put strands and the MPM solver together. The result is some complex fiber sims! The tutorial covers how to use strands to create what the MPM fiber simulation requires to create complex simulations. Radford adds instances to the strands, which creates some truly amazing results. “This tutorial for the Bifrost graph will open new doors for new fx,” Radford notes.