2 Easy Ways to Animate Wavy Hair in C4D

David Cantera shows two easy ways to animate dynamic wavy hair in Cinema 4D without using Wind.

Setting up a dynamic simulation is a balance between something that looks natural and something you can control. That can mean a lot of things, especially when it comes to animating hair. A new tutorial from David Cantera offers two easy ways that you can animate dynamic wavy hair in Cinema 4D, without using simple wind.

Turbulence and Fields for Dynamic Hair.

The tutorial shows how you can change the hair settings so that you can use a Turbulence force. With a few changes to the settings, you can get a nice looking wavy hair effect.

The other method Cantera proposes is using a field force. You can achieve a similar effect by using a Random Field. This method allows you to choose between quite a few noise patterns, all similar to those you can find in the noise shader.