A Few Tricks That Make Blender Camera Navigation Easier

Gleb Alexandrov shares some tips that can help with camera navigation in Blender.

If you are used to how other DCC’s deal with camera navigation,¬†Blender’s might seem a little weird. You may not need to change everything, but at least you can learn why Blender works the way that it does in some cases. This new quick tip tutorial from Creative Shrimp’s Gleb Alexandrov shares some tips for camera navigation in Blender.

Camera Navigation Made Easy.

There are some settings that you can use to make the camera behave a little more familiar. The real key is learning and understanding some key commands that will make moving the camera around in Blender a much better experience.

About Gleb Alexandrov.

Gleb runs Creative Shrimp, a site that shares tutorials, techniques, and deep-dives into Blender together with Aidy Burrows. Creative Shrimp has a comprehensive course covering hard surface modeling in Blender.