How to Create Twisting and Tearing With Bifrost MPM Solver

The Maya Guy dives into working with the MPM solver for twisting and tearing effects.

Strands, Fibers, Cloth, and more: Maya’s Bifrost is a veritable playground for effects. Check out this two-parter from the Maya Guy Phil Radford that shows how you can set up fibers, tearing, and more using the Bifrost MPM Solver.

Twisting and Tearing Effects.

Phil’s tutorial shows how you can use Bifrost strands to create an MPM fiber simulation. Things get interesting when Phil builds upon the strands simulation with instances. The tutorial also covers how to mesh strands by converting them to a volume and meshing the simulation.

You might also find Morteza Ahmadi’s experimentations interesting too. Ahmadi shows how he created a Bifrost cloth simulation that shows some twisting and tearing effects. 

“Bifrost Cloth simulation is pretty cool,” Ahmadi says.

“I still didn’t find time to test it on a character, but on these small tests, it’s incredible, I especially love the tearing, enable a checkbox, and it will take care of everything.”