Use Houdini to Get More Detailed Terrains for C4D

Stormz shows how you can get better-looking terrains into C4D by using Houdini.

At first Stormz new tutorial title seemed like a bit of bait. How do you get better terrains in C4D? Why, use Houdini, of course. But there is something to that. Houdini handles terrains and height fields well. This new tutorial from Stormz shows how you can use Houdini to create a terrain Generator for Cinema 4D.

Erosion and Details in a Terrain Asset.

Thanks to Houdini Assets, or HDA’s you can create tools in Houdini to use in other DCCs, like C4D. Storms shows how you can use that premise to create a simple terrain generator that you can use in Cinema 4D. “With this new terrain generator, we can add erosion to our terrain and get a variety of different looks by changing the noise type.” In another tutorial from Stormz, he showed how you could use Houdini to create cloud assets for C4D, too.