How to Create Realistic Noise Terrains With Octane in C4D

Jacob Torres shares some tricks for creating noise terrains with Octane.

We’ve all seen those neat little renders of a patch of ground. The ones we are talking about are highly realistic and have a lot of details. If you work with Cinema 4D and Octane Render, you might know that noise is the key to creating ground images like that, but it’s not as complicated as some make it out to be. You can create realistic noise terrains with Octane without having to use a lot of blended noise nodes.

Check out this tutorial from Jaco Torres that shows a simple setup for creating terrains with noise. Torres shares a bunch of tips and tricks to make the renders highly detailed while still keeping the shader node tree simple. His setup uses an Octane Noise, a regular C4D Noise, and a Displacement Map. Download the project files for the tutorial here.

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