Working With Green Screens and Keying in Blender

Jacob Swing covers the entire workflow for green screen keying in Blender.

Green Screen removal is an essential skill that every compositor should be able to do. Blender’s keying node makes green screen removal as simple as possible. In this two-part tutorial series, Jacob Swing goes over how to remove a green screen and attain a clean alpha. The second part of the tutorial goes over footage integration by color grading the footage to better fit the background. “I hope this can be helpful to anyone looking to use Blender as a compositing program!” Says Swing.

Abut Jacob Swing.

Jacob Swing is an Asia based CG Generalist. He started using Blender back in the late ’90s, and his love for the program has never waned. Currently, Jacob works as a freelance Modeler and Videographer.