BuildKit is a Must-Have Tool for Maya Modelers

Erik Lehmann’s new BuildKit for Maya offers mesh, selection, and layout at your fingertips.

Holy smokes. That was my reaction to Erik Lehmann’s new compact toolkit for Maya. If you are a modeler, BuildKit looks like it’s just a must-buy no-brainer.

High-Polish, Highly Usable.

Honestly, there are a ton of tools that can help you speed up your workflow in Maya. Very few reach the level of UX or UI that it takes to another level. Just watching a few seconds of the promo video, and you’ll see what I mean. BuildKit offers a compact UI with custom icons. You can toggle the tool settings in the kit, which allows you to have a smaller footprint onscreen. The small workflow tool also lets you assign key-commands that are discoverable through Maya’s Hot Key Editor. It’s little things like these that make BuildKit feel well planned, well thought out, and highly polished.

Born from the Old Mesh and Selection Tools.

Erik’s new Maya tool combines some of the functionality from his older Mesh and Selection Toolkits. BuildKit is written from the ground up, featuring a reimagined interface, along with enhanced and exciting new mesh, selection, layout, and import & export operations.


BuildKit Features:

  • compact interface with custom icons
  • toggleable tool settings for a minimal workspace footprint
  • option to create Keyboard shortcuts for a lot of functions
  • fill a polygon area with a new Quad Fill function
  • easily angle a polygon surface with 45° Angle
  • create new polygons, bridge or close ring loops with a powerful Append Plus function
  • further enhanced and optimized Combine, Separate, Extract and Duplicate Face operations
  • auto-connect edge lines, ends, corners, and diamond topology
  • mirror in all world axis or from pivot with a single button
  • auto naming fix for “L_” and “R_” sides when your mirror in the X-Axis
  • set pivot to bounding box faces (Bottom, Top, Front)
  • select multiple shells with Fill Shell
  • Range Mode for Select By Polygon Count
  • Overhauled and expanded Place function
  • New Paint function, to quickly distribute meshes on another surface
  • Batch Import Obj, Fbx, and Abc
  • Batch Export Obj, Fbx, and Abc


Get BuildKit from Rocket Square.

Rocket Square is Erik Lehmann’s new place for his commercial workflow tools. Learn more about BuildKit through the documentation, or pick up a license for only $20.