How to Copy and Paste Animation Keys With Python in Maya

Billy Dao shows how to copy/paste animation in Maya like a nerd.

A new tutorial from Decogged shows how you can copy and paste animation keyframes in Maya using Python. It’s all part of the series called “Let’s Payathon,” all about using Python for production-driven workflows in Maya.

There is a new episode every week that builds upon the previous episodes. “Before you realize it, you will be awesome at Python, but most importantly, you can apply it,” Dao says about the series.

Animation Keys With Python.

It’s not uncommon to start the animation on a much simpler object to get timing and spacing correct before moving on. Instead of selecting the keyframes and manually copy and paste the data onto a new entity, Chung covers how you can use Python instead. In the process, you also get to learn about Python functions too.

Be sure to check out the Decogged Schnapps tool to see how Python’s power can affect daily workflow.