How to Script a Simple Shell Modifier in Maya

3dWithAnAccent shows how you can script a 3ds Max-like Shell Modifier in Maya.

A little while ago, 3dWithAnAccent shared a Maya technique that loosely mimicked the concept of a modifier stack that you’d see in 3ds Max. A new tutorial from the team shows how you can script something like a shell modifier right in Maya.

Shell Modifiers.

Once Maya users see how useful a shell tool is, they immediately wish for one inside of Maya. We’ve seen a couple of attempts to bring this type of functionality in Maya with ShellMod, and a Bifrost Shell compound.

This new tutorial from the 3dWithAnAccent channel shows how you can create a script for something that works similarly. This tutorial follows up on Alex’s tutorial on how to script a proxy mesh with deformers stacked on the top for a control mesh.