Everything You Need to Know About Real-time Subsurface Scattering With U-Render

Uppercut shows how to create abstract scenes with U-Render subsurface scattering.

It wasn’t that long ago when U-Render got a new subsurface scattering feature. Let me amend that. It’s a new real-time subsurface scattering. With the latest subsurface scattering and translucency for U-RENDER’s physically-based materials, you can create realistic materials, skin, milk, and many more.

You get SSS when you activate your shadows, and light sources enable you to create convincing surfaces. U-RENDER SSS works in real-time, fully integrated with Cinema 4D.

Check out this tutorial that shows how you can set up a material for an abstract scene in C4D. The tutorial covers setting up light sources, implementing scattering settings and color, along with translucency. Read more about what you can do with SSS in U-RENDER in this article.

About UPPERCUT Visual Technology.

UPPERCUT visual technology Uvt GmbH is a leading Austrian developer of graphics software for 3D rendering. U-Render brings the latest advances in real-time rendering to the established rendering pipeline. It’s currently available for Maxon Cinema 4D, but other integrations are in the roadmap.