New HDRI Projector Projects Environments to Objects in C4D

Daniel Mozbäuchel’s HDRI Projector is an easy way to project an HDR scene onto geometry.

A new tool for Cinema 4D by Daniel Mozbäuchel lets users project HDR environments easily onto geometry in the scene. HDRI Projector offers an easy way to create shadow catchers or to build out your set using the HDR you are currently using. You can place objects precisely so that they look like they are part of the HDR image.

HDRI Projector C4D.

HDRI Projector offers an easy way to have simple geometry and a light-dome image match perfectly. Do you need a car traveling down a road? Projecting an HDR is an excellent solution for this without building out the entire scene with detailed geometry. Learn more about it here.

About Daniel Mozbäuchel

Daniel Mozbäuchel is a Freelance CGI Senior 3D Artist, a 3D Generalist, beta tester and international lecturer from Braunschweig.