Two Methods for Blurring Faces in Blender

Jacob Swing covers tracking and blurring faces in Blender’s Compositor.

Blender’s compositing capabilities are on par with any other compositing program out there. Unfortunately, few editors think to use Blender to satisfy their compositing needs. 

This tutorial goes through a staple in the video editor’s arsenal – quickly blurring faces or anything else in the scene. The tutorial covers tracking (to cut down on the number of manual keyframes), manual keyframing a mask, and then using the compositor or VSE in conjunction with a mask to apply a blur effect.

About Jacob Swing.

Jacob Swing is an Asia based CG Generalist. He started using Blender back in the late ’90s, and his love for the program has never waned. Currently, Jacob is a China-based freelance Modeler and Videographer.