Animating Morphing Splines With Mospline and Xpresso

Ilir Beqiri shows how to create an organic look to morphing splines using Mospline and Xpresso in C4D.

A new Cinema 4D tutorial from Ilir Beqir harkens back to what he enjoys most: animating lines inside of C4D. His latest shows how you can create kaleidoscopic patterns with morphing splines. The system uses the Mospline object and a little Xpresso to make it all come together.

“My previous video demonstrates the concept using Xpresso, but I apply the same idea to a Mograph Formula.” The video has something new for all levels of C4D users. It covers some Mograph, Effectors, Fields, Hair Generator, Xpresso, even a little Python.

About Ilir Beqiri

Ilir Beqiri is a Motion designer living and working in Tirana, Albania.