Grass Kit 5 for C4D Adds Support for New Render Engines and Features

Grass Kit gains support for renderers like Redshift and more and C4D R23.

Bosko Lazovic pushes a new update to his Grass Kit for Cinema 4D. Grass Kit is a tool that allows you to create and customize grasses and grass fields for realistic renders.

New Render Engine Support.

The latest Grass Kit update adds support for five render engines. These include new support for V-Ray 3.7, V-Ray 5, C4D’s Physical Renderer, Corona Render, and Redshift. The update also adds support for the latest C4D R23.

Lazovic made the kit much faster while also incorporating some new features like altitude clipping and collision for clones.

Get Grass Kit 5.

Check out Grass Kit 5 for C4D here.