Nudge Lets You Move Key and Layers in Ae as a Group

Element Supply Co.’s new Nudge tool for After Effects is something we’ve all been waiting for.

It’s helpful to nudge things, and while After Effects lets you nudge both in the viewer and the composition panel, it doesn’t really let you nudge how you want. Ae enables you to nudge keyframes as a group and layers as a group, but not both at the same time. With Element Supply Co.’s new Nudge tool.

Nudge is a script panel for After Effects that provides the ability to move selected layers and keyframes together all at once. It’s convenient to retime entire compositions for client changes—especially when you have layers that need to follow keys on other layers. You can also move layers or keys by a specific number of frames.

Get Nudge for After Effects.

Nudge has an introductory price of only $10 until April 5th; get your copy from Element Supply Co. here.