Using the Offset Parent Matrix in Maya to Lighten Rigs

Antony Ward covers the fundamentals for working with the offset parent matrix in Maya.

Back in Maya 2020, the Autodesk team added a suite of new rigging attributes and nodes. One of these rigging features fundamentally changes how people make rigs. The Offset Parent Matrix is part of the matrix-driven transform and operation nodes.

Offset Parent Matrix lets you apply a transformation matrix to a node before its translation, rotation, or scale occurs. What does that mean for rigging artists? “that means we can finally remove the need for all the offset groups that bloat our rigs.” states Antony Ward (antCGi). 

“There is so much more to them, but in this video, we will go over the basics of how to use them with a joint chain.” For much more on rigging characters in Maya, Antony Ward’s (antCGi) rigging series is likely one of the most complete out there.