How to Build a Complex Weave Pattern With X-Particles

Markus Gonser shows how you can create a weave pattern using X-Particles.

Check out this tutorial from 3DBonfire (Markus Gonser) that covers X-Particles Spline Advection in Cinema 4D. The first installment of the series shows how you can create a weave pattern using particles from X-Particles.

The first of the two videos shows how you can weave a pattern, and the coming second video will show how you can advect the splines with the help of ExplosiaFX in X-Particles. Explosia FX in X-Particles is an object that can simulate smoke, fire, and more. 


C4D has a lot of tools for artists to create dynamics and even more third-party stuff too. X-Particles is becoming the one-stop shop for all that within C4D quickly.

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