How to Create Ink Bleed Effects Procedurally in Ae

Ben Marriott shows us his method for creating realistic ink bleed effects.

Motion Designer Ben Marriot shares a method for creating realistic ink bleed effects using Adobe After Effects by transposing Texturelabs’ method for Photoshop in Ae.

Texturelabs tutorial used stacked PS effects repeated in a Photoshop action to create the effect. Marriott employs a similar technique using the same displacement and stacked effects. “It’s super versatile, you can use it on any text, illustration, footage, etc.”

About Ben Marriott.

Ben Marriott is a freelance motion designer, illustrator, chihuahua owner, and polite person based in Sydney. Marriott has worked on projects for Buck, Google, Emirates, Converse, Dropbox, Twitter, Coca-Cola, KFC & Redbull.