Free Tool Helps Retopo Marvelous Designer Elements in Maya

Marvelous Designer Retopology Toolkit for Maya helps to build clean topology.

A new Python tool from Derrick Sesson offers some help to ease retopology for Marvelous Designer elements inside of Autodesk Maya.

Marvelous Designer Retopology Toolkit for Maya is a new python tool for Maya that uses a technique that lets you create topology on a flattened 2D mesh for 3D clothes. Cleaning up Marvelous Designer elements in Maya can be tedious and complex; this tool helps build a clean mesh that will have all of the pieces fitting together well at the end.

Download Marvelous Designer Retopology Toolkit for Maya here.

About Derrick Sesson.

Derrick Sesson is a skilled 3d Generalist/Facial Modeling Specialist primarily in Maya and is proficient in various other programs. He has experience as a Lead Modeler and Character Supervisor with an in-depth understanding of the studio pipeline and over ten years of studio experience working on VFX for feature films, television commercials, and games.