How to Animate a Car Smashing Through a Wall in Maya with Bullet Dynamics

David Mattock shows how you can animate a car busting through a wall in Maya.

Dynamics are great fun. Check out this new tutorial from David Mattock, who runs the Animator Artist Life channel on Youtube. 

Mattock’s doing a three-part mini-series on shattering, fracture, break, smash, and exploding things in Autodesk Maya. The latest installment shows how to animate a car crashing through a wall using Bullet Dynamics.

The first video covered the basic settings and different types of shatter effects you can get inside Maya. 

“Now it’s on to the fun stuff!… Animate a car smashing through a wall in Maya with bullet dynamics!”

The new tutorial covers rigid and passive bodies, rigid body sets, how to set the correct gravity, and the real-world physics settings to make our broken wall pieces fly to the camera and beyond. 

“In the next lesson video, we will create an animation of an out-of-control airplane smashing into a bridge with multiple destructions.” Mattock says.

Mattock posts quite a bit of animation-related stuff. His last series dove into rigging using the auto-rigging tool Advanced Skeleton.